About causelife

causelife is a movement of people dedicated to provide the most essential need to human life – water.


The mission of causelife is to provide clean water to those in need in developing countries. By raising global awareness, involving passionate activists and volunteers, and implementing practical clean-water solutions, causelife provides clean, safe water that changes lives and transforms communities.


partner with nationals

One of the things that distinguishes causelife, is our confidence in those whom we are helping. We demonstrate this by partnering with nationals, as we believe they know best how to meet their community’s specific needs.

We also believe the best way to achieve sustainable results is by empowering others. Each water project is owned and maintained by the community, fostering an attitude of self-sustainability, which affects every area of life. A clean-water well installed in a community brings an increase in income and food production as well as improvements in health and education. All of this leads to independence and success.

community involvement

causelife aims to do more than just drill wells. Our goal is to impact lives locally as well as internationally. We focus on creating a different type of community by connecting local individuals and small businesses with project implementation in order to make a stronger difference among the communities we work in around the world.

cultural commitment

Instead of imposing our cultural ideals upon the region of focus, we aim to preserve the local culture through working with culturally sensitive partners and harnessing the expertise available in the local workforce. We believe that through the utilization of nationals and area-focused organizations, we can impact the sustainable effectiveness of our campaign and project efforts.


Clean water means generations of healthy children, families, and entire communities.

By digging clean-water wells in some of the neediest countries, causelife is helping to establish mindsets of sustainability and future health. For most impoverished communities, daily life is simply about surviving. Sustainable living is not something they can afford to devote time to.

But sustainability starts with the power to meet the most essential needs. And a clean-water well does just that. It fulfills fundamental necessities for well-being while providing the hope for communities to develop and invest in future growth and overall stability.

Clean water begins the domino effect that leads to sustainable development.

causelife works with locals to not only drill a well, but to build a collectivistic attitude of self-reliance and cultivation . . . the heart of sustainability. A well fosters unity; the key to communal expansion and continued progress. In essence, clean water yields lasting change that will touch generations to come.

causelife is an initiative of World Help, a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.